Flavors Available for Wholesale
Holy FudgeHoly Nutty Fudge
G.W. Carver FudgeTerrapin Fudge
Campfire Treat FudgeCanadian Pig Fudge
Nutty Canadian FudgeChocolate Heat Fudge
Hazelnutty Heaven FudgeChocolate Heaven Fudge
Sometimes You Don’t FudgeFeel Like a Nut Fudge
Favorite Cookie FudgeDreamsicle Fudge
Cherry Vanilla FudgeSalty & Refined Fudge
Mint-a-Whirl FudgeHoly Washington Fudge
Holy Pig FudgeChocolate Latte Fudge
Plain White FudgeOh Canada Fudge
Ice Lightning FudgeCream de Mint
Yo Ho Yo Ho FudgeDark Matter
Tampa IPA FudgeTampa Maduro Fudge
Jean-Luc FudgeE.G. Lavender
Orange BlossomSpiced Chai

Each flavor sold as individually labeled ¼-lb packages. Minimum 1 lb (4 pkgs) per flavor. For each 2 lbs ordered, one ¼-lb package provided to be used as a “sample”. Wholesale price: $2.49 per package ($9.96 per lb). Recommended retail $3.99 + tax. Discounts start at 5 lbs per flavor. Invoices paid within 10-days, eligible for credit on product not sold by “Best before” date