Fudge Socials

For companies or groups looking to do something interesting as a team-bonding or a thank you, Scrumptious Fudge offers organized “socials” where a variety of flavors are offered for employees to sample and enjoy.  Organizers determine how much fudge is needed based on the estimated number of attendees, and we provide the fudge and set up in a convenient area at the company or group location.

It’s a different option than cookies, cupcakes, or other sweets often brought in by companies.  The setup can be basic, simply providing fudge packages, plasticware, and plates — or we can set up a little more ornate with table coverings and offering refreshments to go with the fudge.

The pricing depends on the amount of fudge needed and any other additional enhancements to make the event more special for your group or company.

Please contact us to inquire about options and availability.

Fudge Social (in progress)